Immunity Bomb


I don’t catch colds.

The people in my house catch colds. But the second a hint of a cold is near me,  I pull out all of my armor and strongest artillery, and fight it to the death!

I always win.

So you can imagine, when I woke up one Saturday morning in the throes of a cold, I was very confused. I didn’t know anyone who was sick, or I would have had my guard up!

“It must be allergies!” I told myself.

But despite the massive amount of allergy oils I downed, my symptoms worsened.

Finally, around midday Saturday afternoon, I admitted my defeat.

I, Ciara, was sick.

And now, my task at hand was to rid this cold as quickly as possible, because I had only four days before I headed to Vegas! 🎰

So, I grabbed my handy Immunity Bomb 💣 Roller Bottle (recipe below), and sent my oil army off to battle.

This is the order of events that occurred in my cold fighting process:

  1. Saturday Evening — I was supposed to go to a Dodgers game. Instead I took a bath with Melaleuca and Breathe essential oils.
  2. Saturday Night — I drank the immunity 💣 3x throughout the night, and rolled the immunity 💣 roller on the bottom of my feet & back of my neck every 30 min.
  3.  Sunday Morning — I woke up a little groggy, but by 10 AM, I was feeling good!
  4.  Sunday Afternoon — We relaxed around the house mostly. But, being in the middle of my Terrafit weight loss challenge, and having skipped a Saturday exercise, I felt anxious to get a good workout in. So my grand idea… Go for a hike!
  5.  Sunday 6:30 PM — My husband, baby, and I arrived at the mountain. We strapped the baby in the carrier, and headed up the trail.
  6.  Sunday 6:38 PM — Pain pierced my left ear. My husband encouraged that we turn back. My stubborn self kept going.
  7.  Sunday 6:42 PM — We turned back.
  8.  Monday 7AM — I was in worse shape than I had been on Saturday.

So, on Monday I was back to my ritual of drinking the immunity 💣 and rolling the 💣 on my feet as often as possible. (In between moving from one curled up ball of mess on the floor, to another.)

Tuesday, I was feeling better again, but forced myself to stay in and keep resting — a HUGE challenge for me.

Wednesday, I woke up feeling myself, (with only a little hint of a remnant cough) and we headed to Vegas!

In the middle of lunch in Vegas, I mentioned,

“I can’t believe how fine I am today!”

This of course prompted laughter and banter from the girls at the table, who made fun of me for being so cocky. But seriously! I was FINE that day!

And the best part was, Arrow never left my side, and never caught the cold!

Why!? Because I used my baby immunity 💣 roller on him throughout the entirety of my sickness. (Full recipe coming soon. But for now, enjoy this 📸.)


So how did I do it? My recommendation for fighting off the ick in 4 days or less is as follows:

  1. Rest! When your go-getter mentality gets the best of you… Go. Get. —back into bed you crazy!! Don’t overdo it, or you’ll be stuck in bed even longer.
  2. Drink, drink, & drink!  …water people!
  3. Roll on the Immunity Bomb 💣 every chance you get! When you think you get better, apply again! Apply, apply, apply to help boost the immune system, and hopefully prevent symptoms from worsening.

When I start to get better, that’s when these 3 steps fall by the wayside. But that’s really just a cold in hiding!

It’s still there. It’s hiding out for a little bit to make you think you are better, just so you overdo it and get icky all over again!  Don’t fall victim to the hiding cold!!

I set a timer ever hour to remind me to apply the oils again. And I force myself to relax and watch TV. When I stick to this regimen, I get through it a LOT faster!

When in doubt: Oil. Hydrate. Rest. Repeat. 



Immunity Bomb 💣 Shot:

5 drops doTERRA’s OnGuard Essential Oil
5 drops Oregano Essential Oil
5 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil
3 drops Lemon Essential Oil
1 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

Add to a veggie capsule, or to a small glass and add approx. 3 Tbs. of water. It’s yucky, so if you don’t have a veggie capsule, drink it as quick as possible!

Immunity Bomb 💣 Roller Ball Blend:

15 drops doTERRA’s OnGuard Essential Oil
15 drops Oregano Essential Oil
15 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil
10 drops Lemon Essential Oil
5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

~ Combine in a 10ML Roller Ball Bottle.
~ Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil.
~ Apply to the bottom of your feet & back of your neck as often as you feel symptoms.

**This blend contains “hot oils” and causes tingling. If you don’t like the tingling sensation, lessen the drops of oil, or apply a carrier oil for dilution.

— These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. —


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