Tummy Tantrum


It was 5 in the morning, and the peaceful serenity of our dark house was instantly pierced by Arrow’s scream!

This was strange for 2 reasons:

  1. 5 AM did not fall within Arrow’s typical nightly wake cycle of 11:30-1:00,  2:30-4:00, nor 6:30-8:00.
  2. The pitch of this scream was unlike anything I had ever heard emit from the depths of my sweet babe’s vocal chords.

Jay and I were up in a flash!

“What is it?!” “What’s wrong!?”

First, I went for the typical solution, and nursed him… Still screams.

Ok, let’s try the paci… Spit that right out to scream some more!

Next, I lept to my feet to rock him to sleep… All to no avail.

Jay and I were at a loss. What could be wrong with this sweet, typically tranquil little babe?

I laid him back on the bed and just held him, almost in tears myself because of the pain I could hear in his wails.

Suddenly, an ever so tiny hint sounded beneath his bellows. It was…

A toot!

A very short, seemingly painful, tiny little toot. But that was all the hint I needed!

“IT’S HIS TUMMY!” I exclaimed!

I ran out of the room, leaving Jay in a daze of sleepy confusion amidst the ceaseless screams.

I was off to my oil case!

I grabbed some notes I had taken 2 years prior while listening to an RN discuss what oils are good for what baby ailments.

Then, I scooped up Lavender, Ginger, Fennel, and Wild Orange, plus the fractionated coconut oil, and flew back to the beside.

I filled my palm with as much fractionated coconut oil that it could hold, then added 1 drop of each oil. I rubbed my hands together and gently rubbed Arrow’s soft, bubble belly in a clockwise position.

He wimpered. My heart broke. But in under a minute, the crying stopped!

“It worked!” I exclaimed to Jay.

We both breathed a sigh of relief!

In just a few minutes, the baby was back to sleep, and soon thereafter, so was I.

I’ve always thanked God for the ways essential oils have helped me and Jay with everything, small to deep! But now they have brought my baby out of some serious pain!

So now, I shout praises to God that he has blessed us with a toxin free, all natural way to bring relief to our helpless little man.

When using essential oils on little ones, be sure to dilute. One drop goes a long way on our big adult bodies. Our little loves don’t need nearly as much.

Any oil will work to dilute. Fractionated coconut oil is my favorite because it doesn’t leave an oily residue, it absorbs right into the skin, and it is unscented!

When diluting, I love this dilution chart from Essential Mermaid. You can check her out on Instagram. She has quality info, and is funny to boot!


Here’s the Recipe:

In a 10 mL roller ball bottle, combine:

  • 1-4 drops Ginger
  • 1-4 drops Fennel
  • 1-4 drops Lavendar
  • 1-4 drops Wild Orange
  • Top with fractionated coconut oil

Apply to baby’s tummy.
For upset tummy, rub oils into skin in a clockwise motion.
For constipation, rub oils into skin in a counterclockwise motion.

♥♥ Here’s to good health! ♥♥


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